Supply chains: bottlenecks before Christmas

time8 min
authorby Fabian Sailer

The current supply bottlenecks do not stop at the Christmas business. In this blog post, we explain the causes and consequences of the bottlenecks and show how we can counteract them with smart devices.

One thing is certain: Christmas business will not be spared the late effects of Corona. While supply bottlenecks were recently mainly noticeable in the raw materials, clothing and electronics sectors, typical gift items are now joining the list of rare products. Retailers and consumers are left out in the cold. The restrictions in this year's Christmas business illustrate once again how important it is for companies to prepare themselves as well as possible and to protect their supply chains.

Reasons for supply bottlenecks before Christmas

Whether for medicines, building materials or in the automotive industry – the effects of the worldwide supply bottlenecks are still omnipresent. All over Europe, deliveries have been delayed for months – and there is hardly an industry that is not affected.

How did this happen? First came the Corona pandemic, and with it limited production capacity. Congested container ports, traffic jams and delays in the supply chains and a shortage of forwarding staff did the rest. The result: Business is slow, demand for goods and containers is rising – and that causes prices and waiting times to skyrocket. This is also the case before Christmas.

Delivery bottlenecks: impact on Christmas trade

Experts agree: If you want to fulfil all your loved ones' gift wishes in time this year, you must be quick. All-time favorite Christmas gifts such as toys, games consoles, outdoor clothing or children's bicycles should be bought early due to the ongoing chip crisis and supply bottlenecks, according to consumer centers.

And awareness of the current situation is growing. The consumer is alarmed due to past international supply chain problems: According to a representative survey by Ernest & Young (EY), most Germans expect price increases. 30 per cent of respondents said they would bring forward their Christmas shopping due to the delivery delays. What applies to Christmas presents should also apply to ordering the Christmas goose or the festive roast: Here, advance planning is advisable because of possible delays.

Overcoming logistic obstacles with chaingr

To this complex problem, chaingr offers an intelligent solution. chaingr is a cloud-based monitoring system that helps companies realize the full potential of their resources and optimize supply chains. Perfectly matched to an established process, it catapults supply chains to a new level: An interplay of sensors, base device and cloud monitors the goods in real time. It detects deviations in temperature and humidity as well as other influencing factors and shows direct solutions.

The result is the greatest possible control and transparency as well as direct intervention: Supply bottlenecks can be prevented and cold chains – of festive dishes and Co. – can be protected in the best possible way.

Supply chains and logistical networks are part of an ever-growing whole – and thus prone to disruption. The current situation is the best example of this. It is time for elaborate and smart supply chain management, it is time for chaingr!